The Competition

The Competition

Desh Raag is a two phase music competition. Providing a platform for musicians to express patriotism through original compositions while also catering to the audience and forum for contributing ideas, is the basic concept of this event.

Desh Raag 2 will give a platform to Indian musicians to showcase their everyday struggles. Struggles which are small stories but have great impact. Every person can feel for a different cause and we understand that. The music can speak about any issue but shouldn’t condescend the country and any nationalistic sentiments. It should provide a solution or some ray of hope because we believe that without hope, there is no positive energy. And unlike the other uninspired people who can only curse the nation, we are here to be change makers who move a 1.3 billion nation with our songs!

In the first phase, it involves an online submission of entries which will be judged by an expert judge’s panel to arrive at the top 3 entries which will them move on to the second phase.

In the second phase, the 3 finalists from the first phase will be given a chance to compete live*.

This phase culminates with decision of the Desh Raag winner.

*The live setting of the finals is flexible and under process.

A detailed summary of the Important Dates can be seen here.

To participate in Desh Raag you have to create your profile and submit your entry using your profile name and password. Please refer to Desh Raag Registration Guide for creating and updating your profile.



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