Photography Collaboration

Desh Raag announces a national photography collaboration. We call upon all photographers who are Indian citizens to contribute work. We will compile the work from across the nation and present it –

  • As a gallery/showcase on our website and Social Media channel
  • In our promotional trailer video, which we will launch in the end of February.

Photography collaboration is not a competition but a collaboration between photographers from different parts of the country.

We aim to create a common platform for budding photographers to present their work and showcase it by a video made through national collaboration. This video will present cultural snapshots from various parts of our country.



Submissions open: 20th January 2012
Submissions close: TBD
Video, web showcase and special mention released: TBD


  • One entry will be counted as one set of images submitted.
  • One photographer can submit only one entry.
  • One entry can contain between 10 and 50 photographs.
  • Each photograph should be submitted in two copies, one with watermark and one without.
  • Each photograph should contain one or more of the themes listed below
  • The resolution should be higher than 2000px for each image and the file size should not exceed 5 MB.
  • The submission can be made through drop-box or any other file sharing service
  • You can also use any other FTP account from where it can be downloaded in full resolution or mail them to
  • All participants have to submit a 100 word write-up about themselves, what drives them and what patriotism means to them


  • The new age inspired Indian youth
  • India’s cultural heritage, both past and present
  • The essence of music and its performance for society
  • Revolution, movements and social impact
  • Music composition, collaboration and musical unity
  • Patriotism in modern India
  • Unity for a social cause or protest
  • Symbolic artifacts, buildings or places in modern India
  • Heritage of India – architecture and lifestyle.


The three photographers with the highest ratio

{number of images we select to present}:{number of photographs submitted (with and without watermark counted as 1 together)}

for each zone (East, West, North and South) will be given special mentions in the form of camera apparatus like tripods and lenses.

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