Desh Raag & You

  • A synergy with Desh Raag will create opportunities to gain consumer/public confidence through Goodwill impacting the largest percentage section of our population of 1.3 Billion; i.e. the Youth.

  • Groups, agencies, institutes, organizations or individuals associating themselves with Desh Raag, will be seen as Pioneering contributors to the Indian patriotic sentiment and as guardians of Indian music and culture.

  • Supporting a patriotic cause while also fostering the country’s musical talent will earn them brand Value in all population segments ranging from school children to senior citizens.

  • For corporates it is a chance for to add some particularly useful and insightful CSR initiative to their portfolio.

  • The broadcasting industry has evolved in India as a mature purveyor of information. Promoting Desh Raag will Highlight any player on the competitive landscape as one with true grit and genuine love for the nation. Knowing their actions affect a nation, it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to give back to the nation that built their brands.

  • For music labels and recording studios, Desh Raag is an opportunity to share our patriotic values and come together into a harmonic Synergy with us.


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Abhishek: +91 9076307088

Prashant: +91 9029374255

Kritin: +91 9004030676


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