Desh Raag is a patriotic original song competition open to all Indians in India and abroad with regard for the nation and a drive to represent it musically. Their language of patriotic expression can be Hindi or English.

Bands or individual musicians will contribute/perform originally composed patriotic songs in awe of the nation.With appropriate weighted and balanced judging (exhaustive criteria) done by expert panelists, peers and the audience, a winner will finally be decided in a live**/broadcast setting.The spirit of music is freedom and its soul is its audience.

The Youth of our nation can resonate the feeling of that song which may be powerful and thoughtful enough to become no less than an Anthem.

Profile creation will ensure that bands/individual musicians acquire an avenue to represent their musical talent. The profiles will facilitate communication amongst participants and peers.

Information about innovative and cost effective recording methods, a database of patriotic poetry and other such useful links will be provided for facilitating the song creation process for the participants.

**The live setting of the finals is flexible and under process.



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