How to participate

In order to participate, we would urge you to follow this simple step by step guide:

  1. In case you are an independent lyricist and or vocalist, we would suggest you look up like minded musicians and think about forming a band. If you don’t wish to form one, please consider accompanying musicians.
  2. In case you are an independent musician, please look for lyricists willing to write lyrics that symbolize the core of Indian patriotism. You can also pick up the lyrics from Rakshak Foundation’s online repository.
  3. Bands should begin by deciding on how to coordinate internally or brining in outside talent to incorporate the flavor of patriotism in their originals, if this is their first instance such.
  4. Start in one of two ways: Lyrics to Composition or Groove to Lyrics to Composition. Both methods require different skillsets to be introduced at different points so plan your practices.
  5. Establish a basic recording setup either at home or find a recording studio in your city.
  6. Start recoding layers to the composition and come up with the final recording.
  7. While recording/composing, create a profile on Desh Raag and update it with information, facts, videos and pictures etc.
  8. Please refer to Desh Raag Registration Guide to ensure your newly created profile has all the important information.
  9. You have to be logged in with your Desh Raag profile username in order to see the submission form and submit your song entry. Once you are logged in open Desh Raag Entry Submission Form.
  10. Once you have submitted your composition through your profile, you can update it until the April 15th. To update your submission, you just have to visit the Desh Raag Entry Submission Form, all your previously submitted information would already be pre-filled for your convenience.
  11. Click here to view important dates


For answers to your queries and updates related to the event, please keep yourself posted or write to us at

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