Home Recording of Songs

Guide to choosing an Audio Interface: The SOS Guide

There are now so many sizes, types and formats of audio interface available that it can seem well-nigh impossible to find the one that best suits your needs. We sort out the spec features that are really important.



A Video Guide to know the extensive details about home recording setup


Forums for Home Recording



Sofwares for Recording




Cell-phone Apps for Recording




Recording Individual Instruments :

Recording Drums with one Mic


Comparing Mic placements when recording with just one of it


Recording an Electric Guitar

One of our most frequently asked questions is how to record a guitar on a PC, Laptop or Mac. There are a range of ways, depending on your budget, from purchasing a simple computer guitar cable to dedicated USB or Firewire solutions or upgrading your sound card set-up:


Recording an Acoustic Guitar

While physical modelling preamps may take the hassle out of recording electric guitars, you’re still going to need to reach for a mic when recording acoustic guitar.Paul White shows you how to get the best recorded sound, and offers a few of his favourite tricks of the trade.



General Tip : Use a Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic (With 48V Phantom power) only for the One Mic Drum recording. Same shall be preferred over Dynamic Mic for recording of vocals or any other acoustic instrument.

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