• What is Desh Raag?

    Desh Raag is a patriotic original song competition. Bands or individual artists can set up profiles on the website and submit their compositions. It’s a two stage event, first stage – online and second stage – live.

  • Who is organizing Desh Raag?

    Desh raag is a conceptualized, developed, funded by Rakshak Foundation. Rakshak Foundation is an Non profit organization working on promoting public policy research and effective citizenry. Desh Raag is Rakshak’s effort to propagate responsible citizenship in the youth of the nation and to give our budding musicians a platform to express their sentiments for the nation.

  • Who can participate?

    1) All Indians, residents and non residents across the globe can participate.
    2) The competition is open for bands as well as individuals.
    3) Bands which participate, can have a maximum of 7 members.
    4) No two bands which participate can have more than 2 members in common.
    5) Individuals who participate are allowed a maximum of 2 assisting musicians.
    6) The songs submitted by them have to be their own original lyrics and composition.

  • How can one participate?

    The first step to participate is to set up a profile on our website. Registration Guide has been created for you. It have all the steps with screen shots for your convenience. Please complete all the steps. You must upload the band photograph or yours [for individual artists]. If you are a band, you must complete all the fields related to band profile. Incomplete entries will be deleted after providing one warning to update the profile.

  • What are the Rules and Regulations of the competition?

    Desh Raag has specific rules and regulations. You must abide by these rules during the competition.

  • What is the judging procedure?

    The initial judging will be done through expert review. You will be judged on quality of composition, lyrics, recording, relevance to topic and originality of the song. 3 bands will be chosen for the final round. The final round will be a live event, where the winner will be chosen.

  • What if I don't know how to write a patriotic song?

    To help in lyricizing your ideas, we have a database of over 175 patriotic poems which you can quote and use to compose your songs. If you choose to use any of the poem or the portion of the poem, you will have to declare that during the entry submission process.

  • What if i'm an individual musician and want to participate?

    We strongly urge you to form a band or at least get 2 musicians on board to help compose the piece you will submit. In case an individual artist is declared the winner of the event, they will be provided the option to use the in house band for their live performance.

  • What are the incentives for the winners?

    The top 3 bands chosen by the judges panel will get publicity, social media space, cash and kind incentives.

  • I am a Non Indian Resident. Can I participate?

    Yes, Of course. We welcome NRI participation in the event as we feel music has no geographical boundaries when it comes to the feeling of patriotism.

  • How Can I record my composition?

    You will have to do this in either a home studio like setting or record with semi professional studios in your city with assistance from available sound engineers. In case you decide to use a home recording setup, you can some helpful links (here) to aid in the setup and subsequent procedure.

  • I don't have enough funds to record my composition but I want to participate. What can I do?

    Please reach out to our team at info@deshraag.org. We will try to consider your case and aid you in the recording process by helping you find the right resources or contacts based on availability of funds.

  • What is the deadline for the submission of entries?

    28th November 2013 is the registration deadline and 30th November 2013 is the submission deadline. Please visit the timeline to see all the deadlines

  • Who all have endorsed Desh Raag?

    Indian Ocean, Indus Creed, Vayu, Saikat Roy, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhat.. the list keeps growing by the day !
    We are a completely not for profit collaborative effort which believes in the musical fraternity and it’s unity.

  • How do I reach out if I have doubts or queries?

    Write to us at info@deshraag.org. Call us on +91 9076307088, +91 9029374255, +91 9004030676.

  • How do I submit my entry?

    Uploading your composition [entry] will be activated and announced few days before the end of the registration deadline.

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