Campus Ambassador Program

Overview –

Desh Raag has established itself as a premier initiative for highly-motivated & aware youth of the country who believe in the power of music. Messages of patriotism amalgamated with tinges of social dogmas and issues which plague our motherland can be put up in notes and chords in a way which shows their noticeable impact. With a very successful season last year, Desh Raag is launching its second furtherance this year in 2013.

Desh Raag aspires to be one of the most promising initiatives to provide professional and semi-professional bands with a chance to secure audience following along with monetary and other diverse incentives.

The Campus Ambassador Program will enable the student communities in colleges to directly impact this revolution through the ambassador. The ambassadors will be delegates of Desh Raag on their campuses and will ensure that Desh Raag’s brand is appreciably marketed within their college. They will also ensure a constant feedback loop with students ensuring that Desh Raag is able to capture their suggestions and implement them. The idea is to make Desh Raag accessible to everyone, not just in terms of the music and merchandise, but also the core methods and ideas espoused by the Desh Raag initiative.

Basic duties of Campus Ambassadors –

  • To ensure the publicity of Desh Raag on campus; compose and moderate public announcements regarding the same through college events or newsletters
  • To encourage participation from bands of all levels and ensuring that whole process (recording, uploading, result notifications etc.) is completed within the respective deadlines without any hassles
  • To ensure that Desh Raag gets visibility at campus events pertaining to music
  • To connect the Desh Raag team with the music related policy makers/festival team members to facilitate the Desh Raag team in its execution
  • To be present in at least 1 meeting (in person or over the skype) per month with one of the team members of Desh Raag to discuss progress and future ideas pertaining to the program
  • To contribute towards the online resources of Desh Raag (Blog, Facebook updates, YouTube, Twitter etc.)

Who are we looking for?

  • Young, talented college students who are passionate about music and love to have some fun and interact with new like-minded people
  • They must possess good communication skills and a diverse network in their college in terms of current year festival organisation team and cultural council
  • Motivated individuals who are willing to work independently for music for a cause
  • Who love to have fun, freak out once a while and enjoy work rather than just do it!

What do Ambassadors get?

  • A duly signed certificate and recommendation from the founders of the initiative
  • Impressive performers get events’ passes at the Desh Raag finale, and exclusive backstage entry and chance to interact with the bands and create valuable contacts
  • Opportunities to meet and hang out with some of the best upcoming bands/musicians in the country
  • All campus ambassadors get free Desh Raag merchandise (shirts, badges etc.)

Application Procedure –

  1. Fill up this basic form (Name, Address, College, E-mail ID, Contact number, etc.)
  2. Please wait for the Desh Raag team to get back to you with interview details
  3. The interview will either be held in person or on Skype based on your location. It will be a simple HR interview with questions pertaining to your vision, motivation for and contribution to Desh Raag
  4. Interview results will be communicated on the date provided below

Deadlines –

Applications Open 1st July 2013
Applications Close 20th July 2013
Interviews (Telephonic/Skype or in person depending on location) 21st July -1st August 2013
Results announced 1st August 2013
Ambassadorship begins 2nd August 2013
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