Sandeep Khurana – Jai Hind – The Warriors Child

Sandeep Khurana – San Francisco

Band Profile: Sandeep Khurana
Song Title: Jai Hind – The Warrior’s Child
Language: English
Duration: 4 min 10 sec
Genre: Classical
Song Creation Date: March 2, 2012
Found Deshraag through: Friend
Feedback on Deshraag:



I walk alone ,
so others
can walk with
their father.
Mom puts out
3 plates but,we’re
only two.
I celebrate my
holidays alone,
so others
can share
their happiness
I practice sports alone,
so others can practice
with their father
I sleep uncuddled,
so others can
cuddle with their father
everybody listens to the news
in concern
but, I
listen for my father.
I am proud that he is there
so the nation of India can sleep fearless
because, my dad is a soldier of India.

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