Modern Melody – Vande Mataram

Modern Melody – Navi Mumbai

Band Profile: Modern Melody
Song Title: वन्दे मातरम
Language: Hindi
Duration: 5 min 20 sec
Genre: Classical
Song Creation Date: 26 January 2009
Found Deshraag through: Friend
Feedback on Deshraag:
We feel this is a very noble idea that Rakshak Foundation has come up with. In this modern world, very few people show the patriotism which one should have for India.


This song is a tribute to the ones who lost their lives during the attacks of 26/11. This song has three parts, first which says about love of a common man for his country, the second which says about the soldiers who don’t think about anything when it comes to saving their country and the third shows the unity which the people of this country have when such things happen.
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