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Ledge13 – Pune

Band Profile: Ledge13
Song Title: Freedom
Language: English
Duration: 3 min 46 sec
Genre: Rock
Song Creation Date: 4 October 2013
Found Deshraag through: Deshraag Volunteer
Feedback on Deshraag:
Great platform to express patriotism for our country which seems to be lacking a lot these days. We need to be proud of ourselves. I hear people talking about how good other countries are but not noticing how great our country is itself. We need to change ourselves first before pointing fingers at others. Blaming each other will do no good. We have to be united in spirit even though we are different. what’s the point if everyone was the same? What’s the fun in that?


Words & Music by: Rajesh Purigella(RPG)

Verse 1
Well, let me think where should i begin
my life taught me how to fit in
but i’m more of a rebel
always pushing my limits
always doing things my way
my father said i ain’t gonna make it
my mama said well she said nothing
but they don’t know that i don’t give a shit

Freedom is what i’m dyin for
Freedom is what i’m dyin for
Freedom is what i’m dyin for

Verse 2
let me finish what i’ve started here
what u think? it ain’t a one day gig
stop judging me every minute
i’m looking for a place in the memory
of all the people who will love me, respect me
it ain’t so hard to make a living
it doesn’t matter what u drive & whr u live
rise above all now try & get this in ur head

Freedom is what i’m dyin for
Freedom is what everyone’s dyin for
Freedom is what u sould die for
Freedom is what i’m dyin for

I need freedom to breathe
freedom to speak
freedom to roam free
freedom to live my life
freedom to be Free
freedom to be Me…

Copyrighted@Ledge13, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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