Franks Got The Funk – Land of the Dreamer

Franks Got The Funk – Chennai

Band Profile: Mannfarid
Song Title: Land of the Dreamer
Language: Hindi
Duration: 4 min 31 sec
Genre: Rock
Song Creation Date: 16 May 2013
Found Deshraag through: Facebook
Feedback on Deshraag:
Unique . Really good initiative for young talent to nurture


Land of the Dreamer – Franks got the Funk

Verse : It’s a palace built with fortune of a million lives
And I won’t deny , this palace is also mine .
Standing in its banquet, there shown a million lights
On all the different faces, some sober and some high.
Both sober and high .

Pre-Chorus : Both sober and high .

Chorus : This City multiplies and sings ,
It Multiplies and sings
Diversify and sing
Multiply and sing
Verse : I believe that the fortune are the people’s hearts and minds .
Standing as one nation , they sing to you this rhyme
I believe in comfort , that’s all we’ll ever need
From all your different faces both sober and high .
Both sober and high .
Bridge: Multiply and sing , reach for the skies and link ,
the colored pretty lights falling from the other side .
the colored trippy lights falling from the other side .

Intro/Outro : OH OH . Ooh OH OH . woh Oh oh oh oh oh . Woh oh oh.

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