Asylum – Agitate The Origin

Asylum – Mumbai

Band Profile: Asylum
Song Title: Agitate The Origin
Language: English
Duration: 5 min 30 sec
Genre: Heavy Metal
Song Creation Date: September 17, 2012
Found Deshraag through: Deshraag Volunteer
Feedback on Deshraag:
Brilliant opportunity for bands of all genres to prove their stuff! 🙂


We do not, We will not, make things better as we, move on to further lands without caring for our Planet Earth put to waste, digging deep into her. Left her scarred left her drained, an act so detestable. Yes we can but we won’t improve the way we treat our motherland we won’t learn till she reciprocates, and that time is now After so many years getting what we deserve when the pillar breaks the building falls. Waking up alive, eerie presence in the air, our destiny has been altered and our actions brought to light, cries for mercy won’t be heard, prayers and excuses shall be falling on deaf ears LIGHT FADES OUT AS darkness grows throughout the skyline, discouraging the shimmering hope in those who believe there is someone who will save us from the fate that we have written for ourselves the anger’s not suppressible all we can do now is just close our eyes and wait for our life to be taken away Hold your ground.
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