ADROIT – Forever Rock

  1. ADROIT - Forever Rock

ADROIT – Shillong

Band Profile: ADROIT
Song Title: Forever Rock
Language: English
Duration: 4 min 6 sec
Genre: Rock
Song Creation Date: 16 June 2012
Found Deshraag through: Facebook
Feedback on Deshraag:
No Matter What Happens Just Keep On Rocking…\m/…\m/


Forever Rock

1.When the sun set,when the stars shinning bright up in the sky
And darkness seems to be silenced the street
Then suddenly sounds splash out,very loud and clear
And melody seems tobe flowing out free
Bridge: We are the super heroes,we wont give up without a fight
The rhythym of the beat,is what we got for you
Chorus: Forever rock is here to stay
And grow in our hearts from day to day
Never turned it down
Lets rock and shake this ground
Coz rock,rock is here to stay
2.When you feel week,when you’re down
Temptation circled all around,and darkness seems to be pulling you down
Then suddenly sounds splash out,very loud and clear and melody seems to be flowing out free
(Repeat Bridge N Chorus)

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